INSTITUTO CULTURAL CIDADE VIVA – ICCV is a non-profit organization founded in November,1997. Its main purpose is to research, maintain and disseminate Cultural Marketing and Management knowledge, through regular courses, lectures, seminars and forum organization and participation. It also has the duty of elaborating cultural projects, as well as their submission and approval in governmental incentive programs; producing and implementing Social-Cultural Development Plans and Cultural Entrepreneurship Poles, all over the country. ICCV also provides management, administration and executive production services for all kinds of artistic activities.

The Institute keeps a comprehensive knowledge base which includes sponsors, cultural economic index, business opportunities in social-cultural activities and clipping.

ENGENHARIA CULTURAL - EC is ICCV’s main supporter. EC is a private cultural marketing company, founded in October 9, 1991. ENGENHARIA CULTURAL provides services such as consultations, technical assistance, elaboration and management of cultural projects.

Both entities, the Institute and the cultural marketing company, complement each other, forming a national partnership: Engenharia Cultural goes directly to the market, always instrumented by ICCV, in areas such as knowledge and methodologies.

ICCV and EC work in perfect syntony, extending themselves beyond the frontiers of art, into the domains of social issues, education, entertainment, communications, urbanism and other related areas.


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